These are simple overview about the history of a company designed for the largest Antonov cargo plane in the world, the Antonov An-225 Mriya

First: The founder Oleg Antonov

Oleg Antonov (Russian: “Олег Константинович Антонов”, in Ukrainian: “Костянтинович Антонов”) was born on February 7, 1906 in one of the districts of Moscow has shown the Russian Empire and died on 4 April 1984 in Kiev, Ukraine has shown the Soviet Union. Is a Soviet aircraft designer and painter. Founded a company for the manufacture of Antonov aircraft, and is a company famous worldwide.

* In 1930 graduated from the Kalinin Institute of Applied Arts, St. Petersburg.
* In 1946 was appointed Director of the Office of aircraft designs and who later became the Antonov company.
* In 1968 Antonov got a doctorate in literature from the Ukraine Academy of Arts.
* In 1966 received the Order of Workers Socialists.
* Member of the Committee of the Soviet Union Supreme fifth, sixth, and seventh.

* Oleg Antonov won the State Prize of the former Soviet Union in 1952.
* He was awarded the Order of Lenin of different degrees and most senior was the Order of Lenin from the second division.
* Got his company for the manufacture of Antonov aircraft on the right marked to market and the huge aircraft strong.
* The Antonov aircraft – 225’s biggest airliner, the world and broke the 240 record.
* Named street in the city of Kiev, Ukraine in his name, “Oleg Antonov.”
* Instrument currency of semiconductor metals nickel and copper in his honor from the National Bank of Ukraine in 2006. In addition to the instrument that the Bank of Russia currency of silver for the hundredth anniversary of his birth.

Second: the world’s largest aircraft An225 Mriya

Antonov An – 225 (in Ukrainian: Антонов Ан-225 Мрія, NATO reporting name: Cossack) is a strategic and a cargo plane, which are built Antonov company. Antonov An – 225 represents the largest plane flying in the world, designed primarily to carry the Russian space shuttle “Buran.” Aircraft Antonov An – 225 are available to carry any shipment of a giant and that the large surface area of the cargo inside. Currently there is one plane in service, and the second is subject to manufacturing and will enter service in late 2008.

Aircraft designed by Antonov An – 225 to be used in the Soviet space program to get the space shuttle “Buran”. The goal of the plane matches the design goal of Airbus aircraft and Bolqa American Shuttle Carrier (Shuttle Carrier Aircraft).

An-225 aircraft flew for the first time December 21, 1988. Offered to the plane in Paris in 1989. Been making planes, but there’s only one working (working tail number: UR-82060). Are available for commercial service in the shipment of freight over the heavy or very heavy weighing up to 250 000 kilograms and the length of the shipment can be up to a maximum of 70 meters. The second plane was built in 1989 to a molecule in favor of the Soviet space program.

N the plane Antonov An – 225 extension to its predecessor aircraft Antonov An – 124. Zaid design Antonov An – 124 motors (Lotarev D-18) of type “Turbofan” and thus became the An-225 carrying the wings 6 engines, in addition to that increased the ability of the landing gear became consists of 32-wheelers. In the new design has been canceled cargo door and sliding your way Antonov 124 plane to remove some excess weight the new plane. Was also change the type of the plane’s tail from the tail head and one to Velan Ofiqian with vertical tail at the end of each.

Landing gear system on the Balontonov er – 225.


With an estimated weight of 640 tons has become the aircraft Antonov An – 225 is the heaviest and largest aircraft in the world. With the plane H -4 Hercules with the longest distance between the wing and the maximum height, but she flew once and did not exceed 21.3 meters high, making it the largest aircraft An-225 plane flying in the world several times. Boeing is the largest of 8-747, which will be the largest jumbo jet and jet aircraft Airbus 380, which is currently the largest passenger plane.
Stmbr in 2001, carried the Antonov An – 225 Download the standard capacity of 253.82 tons, and flew at an altitude of 2 km in a circular closed path length of 1000 km at speeds of 763.2 km / hour.
In November 2004, and put the plane Antonov An – 225 in the Guinness Book of Records for a record breaking 240.

In 1989 established the Holding Company Antonov airlines designs for heavy lift air. And the headquarters of the Antonov Airlines in Kiev, Ukraine, and work from the airport to London Luton in partnership with Air Voyel Voyel heavy air freight (Air Foyle HeavyLift).
The company began air service squadron consists of 4 aircraft Antonov An – 12. But in the late nineties there was a need for larger aircraft, the plane was re-use the original An-225, and converted to a heavy cargo aircraft within the fleet of Antonov Airlines.
The first commercial flight of the An-225 plane was taking off from Stongrat, Germany on January 3, 2002 and flew to Thumrait Sultanate of Oman. Quoted in the trip 216.000 meal prefabricated U.S. soldiers in that region. Those meals will be provided to about 375 in the dish and weighs 187.5 tons.
It then became the Antonov An – 225 is a key element in the fleet of Antonov Airlines air; movement of things is an old thought it impossible to transport such as trains, planes and generators weighing 150 tons. Now also become a key element in the transfer of emergency assistance to relief agencies are able to move huge quantities of relief aid in quick time.
In 2002, demand on the Antonov An – 225 very large and could not close the door to the application; In September 2006 decided to make a second aircraft which will be completed and built in late 2008.
From the beginning of June 2003 and the aircraft began Antonov An – 225 and Zmialtha aircraft Antonov An – 124 in the transport of humanitarian aid to Iraq, including a lump weighing about 800 tons. Also chartered by the Canadian and American governments in the transfer of equipment Beefkip to the Middle East to help the coalition forces.

Some pictures of the aircraft company

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