The transition from Vista to Windows 7 is not considered a major shift, but is better for Vista

Vista system after it had proved a failure Zariea, although it is a quantum leap for XP but because of the large size of the wicked and consumption of resources and requirements of the high and not compatible with some programs and hardware led to a distaste for people and this is a failure Therefore, it was Windows 7 is a quick solution to remedy what happened Pfista

Fuendoz 7 is not by any quantum leap and it does not have any new technical or application which, or any variation of the core system, but is almost 7 is Vista, but in a new dress rate

Which included the Windows 7 to improve the aesthetic Vista
Reduce the size of the system after installation and non-compliance with large area for installation
Improve some services that were Pfista
Slight change in the overall system for Vista
Speed is better than Vista, though not as some might expect, but it is the best kind of vista

In sum, experiment with Windows 7 does not have anything new and do not consider the transfer system, but quality is improved and modified for Vista failed to Vista or the so-called successful for Microsoft Windows 7

Why rename it to 7

Windows 7 brings us back to the past in the first versions of the company’s Windows operating system, we all remember it was the first system was the version number is: windows 3.0
Then followed by the system windows 3.1 ..

Aluenoz technically called the number and not as such as the XP and Vista, 98, etc. ..

For example, Windows 95 system and origin is technically called to windows 4.0
Windows 98, and his technical windows 4.10

And Windows 2000 was the beginning of the fifth edition,
Which appeared after the system and windows xp which is technically called to windows 5.1
And Windows Vista vista real name and technical windows 6.0

This is a picture of the Vista system and is a sixth edition:

And assumes from Microsoft named the new system with windows 6.1 because it is the logical arrangement of the edition, but Maekerosvet wanted to end the issuance of VISTA version with only the sixth and put the new system, no new Kleaod is (7) for the difference between him and a technical system for VISTA and behaved VISTA of programming errors and gaps and problems Technology, which caused the company’s big failure ..!

Is the seventh release of Windows will restore the strength of the company and convince customers to leave and use the XP system for Microsoft Windows 7 offers what was provided by the axle of my flexibility and strength and solve the problems of Vista ..
The coming days will prove our success or failure of Windows 7 ..!