Interested in all Abbasid caliphs in science and scientists, since the reign of the first Abbasid Caliph, and until the last Khalifa, the scientists great home to them, bestow them with gifts and money for every book or piece of scientific by any world, there are many, and said that some of the caliphs gave the weight of the books went to their authors, and this certainly opens the abundance of gifted scientists to their scientific and intellectual.

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Also were interested in building schools and the role of science, which was requested by the clubs from all over the world, and today I’m talking about the greatest archeological scientific characters that created at the time of the Abbasid state, Alo’hai Mustansiriya School.

School is Mustansiriya which was established in 625 AH / (1227 AD), at the hands of the Abbasid Caliph al-Mustansir in downtown Baghdad, one of the oldest Universities of the Islamic and Arab effects of the important scientific, who taught Islamic Jurisprudence according to the four schools and left a lot of Aftahal scientists in various fields Since that was built up and until the fall of Baghdad, however, the Mongol invasion. And the glorification of scientific Duha, has been the establishment of the Mustansiriya University in memory of her name and the role that played in enhancing the science and knowledge.

Highlights the importance of school Mustansiriya being the first school dedicated to the doctrines of the Islamic four, where previous schools have specialized in their respective doctrine of one or illuminated, and thus aims to bring together the Muslim Ummah and unite to stand up to currents of thought hostile and thus became an example as it had not gone a short period of existence So many schools have been built on similarly. The conditions and laws was a beacon of what took place after the schools.

This was the school a place for scholars and writers Vqsdha students from all over the world at that time was have a significant impact in the Islamic culture represented a compound of the doctrines of the Muslims, and where he taught assets and branches .. And the sayings of the Prophet peace be upon him, and arithmetic, medicine and other sciences.

In terms of planning and architecture, the Mustansiriya Bbnayatea with spacious yard surrounded by rooms and Bahadjrat .. Represents an integrated system followed in the construction of many of the schools later.

The school Mustansiriya buildings Abbasid famous and named after the founder of the Abbasid Caliph al-Mustansir, which was established in the eastern side of Baghdad on the bank of the Tigris River, where they still remain to this day, has been initiated Mustansir building a school in the year 625 AH (1227 AD) and the integration of built year 631 AH (1234 AD) was spent on the construction of a lot of money.

Attended the opening of the Caliph himself was transferred to the bookcase in the school thousands of precious books that contain the religious sciences, literature and was appointed by a specialized crew to order and classification.

The school is considering a major Islamic university where all the sciences known at that time as well as teaching the four religious schools of jurisprudence, and was the school system to accurately determine the number of teachers and students who are absorbed into the school, the study was at the expense of the state.

In school, many sections of the study In addition to the sections of the study, there are divisions of service that saves the store where stationery, food, and there are bathrooms and decorated with (Barber) for students, in addition to your kitchen for food.

At the entrance of the school was held at Mustansiriya Quran, which reported the descriptions of some of the Arabic references were at work to guide people to the times of prayer and work night and day, and sophisticated scientific manner which shows the extent to which scientists from the development at that time.

But the school hit by negligence resulting in the disruption of the building and especially in time of the Ottomans and continued to 1940, where the school is a large Khan coming to the city of Baghdad and the so-called (traveler check), a Turkish word.

That was the Khan rest stop for travelers, especially those working in the media and river transport were those working on these boats have made the station Astraanhm Khan, called the school Mustansiriya.

As for the Mustansiriya University, was built in 1964, in the place known as reality in Palestine Street in Baghdad, named after the school was named Palmstnasrih Mustansiriya, and as an extension of this great cultural heritage.

Zmt Mustansiriyah University, initially, the Faculties of Education, Science and Arts, and then evolved to the bench outside the main compound faculties such as engineering, management, economics, law, medicine, dentistry to become after a period of great scientific edifice proud students of this university