King Edward built the Palace of Westminster I, which was expanded by King William I (Conqueror). Parliament convened for the first time in this place in the late thirteenth century, but the existing buildings damaged by Big Ben was built in the wake of burning of the palace of King Edward in 1837.


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The length of the tower on which the Stevens Big Ben hundred meters. Was designed by Edmund Beckett Denison time while the girl was built by Frederick, watchmaker, Queen Victoria. He was at this time named after Sir Benjamin Hall, who was then Commissioner of the British works. The work was completed by 1859, but that the appearance of a crack in time to make it stop working until the year 1862.

It has taken the transfer time, which is famous for its thoroughness and Jursha a strike three years, a group composed of sixteen horses to gain access to the site restoration. Bell hammer and weighs at 180 kg, and the length of fork watches 2.7 meters, while the fork minutes amounts to 4.3 meters. Since 1924, became the chimes of Big Ben are broadcast on the BBC was raised on top of each hour.

Big Ben is one of the most hours of the world accurately. Although the German air raids that destroyed the aspects of the tower dozens of times during World War II, and continued in the Declaration of ticking time during the second half of the timing of Greenwich as is indicated by measurements made by the Greenwich Observatory. It was the only time during the war who have not the time its activity when the usual flock of birds landed on the starling fork watch and stopped the clock. Since then, despite the progress in age, but time did not suffer from small problems. In 1962, resulted in the accumulation of ice on the clock to knock ten minutes late for the beginning of New Year’s Day; In 1976, the broken pieces of the engines of time, and in 1997, froze the very strong winds, cold barrier in a rubber hammer the bell, which led to the muted .

There are in Buenos Aires, a replica of Big Ben clock tower with a length of 45 meters. The British government has donated to Argentina in 1910 to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the independence of that nation. The Argentines, the renewal time in 1999, in honor of a visit by Britain’s Prince Charles as a guide to bridge the gap between Argentina and the United Kingdom after the end of the Falklands War between the two countries in 1982