Associated with the operating system (Mac OS) is closely linked to Bhacbat (Apple), both from the development of Apple’s America, it is difficult to talk about the Macintosh system separately from the Apple computers that are running it, and is worth mentioning here that Macs do not work operating system other than (Mac Oh S), at the same time can not be run by personal computers, and can not install Windows on Apple computers with the

exception of the recent successful models in which some computer professionals to run Windows on Apple computers after it became the last working processors “intel” instead of processors “IBM,” It is a fact that should be known in this connection that Apple is the only one that manufactures hardware and software development, operating system running on these devices, so if I bought a PC for Apple, you buy a computer and the operating system at the same time, other than computers personal computer where you can collect from components produced by different companies as you can install Windows or Linux separately.

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* Acquired Apple Macintosh fame of being the first computers, business in the history contains the mouse user interface and graphical rather than a command of line scripts, and brighten the star in the second half of the eighties and early nineties, and targeted to Apple consumer domestic sectors of education, entertainment and artistic production, but this depends the printing industry and newspaper production, publishing press, graphic design, advertising, video editing and films, it is characterized by strong performance is very in these applications that consume lots of system performance, where you can not PC to compete in these areas have only recently after the emergence of multi-core processors.
* There were several versions of the operating system that Apple latest version 10.5 or Leopard Mac OS X, and features of the system the mechanism of action is completely different from the mechanism of Windows system, but both used the graphical interface, though this interface easier and more elegant in the Mac as well as visual effects stronger and larger ones for Windows system, the system relies on the Windows DOS programming language and the system of Apple depends on the Unix programming language.
* The majority of office software programs and design graphics and photos are available in two editions: one for Windows and another for the Macintosh, for example, Adobe Photoshop is working on a system that Apple and Windows, as well as the Office programs produced by Microsoft is working on two systems, but generally characterized by devices Windows efficient in the operation of office software, but Apple devices are characterized by competence in multimedia and graphics, and if Windows Mobile is ideal for use in corporate offices, Logic Mac is widely used to edit photos and play video and music.
* In the field of games featuring computers windows more efficiently, because all games without exception compatible with Windows, and because it can modify and change the components of personal computers easily, you can add the card another screen or even change the motherboard or the processor or add memory chip, unlike the Macs that do not You can get close to or modification of the components unless you are an engineer specialist.
* For protection, there is a general principle applies to everyone, is that any humanitarian action is defective in one way or another, even if focused pirates and creators of viruses, their efforts to penetrate the Mac to have done, but they direct their attention and focus of the computers that are running Windows to its wide range in the market, if you are a devastating feeling high Is destruction would only harm the user or one hundred thousand million users? Of course keen to hackers and vandals on the damage to the largest possible number of devices, and may be a Mac that contains holes more than Windows, but hidden from the eyes do not appear only by chance or by experience, and even now I do not care about protection institutions to stand over the safety and efficacy of safety devices camels for the simple reason is the lack of emergence or spread of any virus in these devices, eye-catching so far, all of these reasons Macs are more secure, such as devices that are running Linux because it is also not targeted by viruses.
* As for the relationship between performance and the operating system, depends performance on several factors, including specifications and hardware components such as processor speed, memory, Cache and memory size and efficiency of the main pane, and also on the design of the operating system and its compatibility with the components of the computer for example, there are those repeated complaints that the system VISTA consumes system resources more than an XP system, which makes the device slow or heavy, even if we have the same device, we will find indeed that the XP system runs faster than Vista, due to the fact that the number of operations and instructions held by Windows XP to do a specific task may be less or designed in a way make their performance more quickly, and so by design, we may find some of the recent versions of some programs to work faster and better than the older versions on the same machine, and vice versa, there is no basis for this, and this means that the performance does not depend on hardware, but also to design software as well as then on the compatibility between the components and design.