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It is really difficult to find a person who doesn’t like such world-renowned and loved game as football. And the city of Kharkov is not an exception too. As it was announced on May 13, executive committee of the UEFA decided that Ukrainian cities Kiev, Donetsk, Lviv and Kharkov will continue their preparation for the EURO-2012 and are obliged to confirm their readiness of holding a European Football Championship of 2012 on November 30.
Kharkov is a city full of events, students and busy social life. It’s some sort of incredible bee hive. In different parts of the city you will notice a wide scope of construction works pretty unusual for the locals. Many of the roads are completely renovated and broadened (finallly!). Tramway lines were removed from Pushkinskaya Street, which is one of the main central streets of Kharkov, in order to avoid traffic jams and to make driving easier to the soccer stadiums and other venues created for Euro 2012.
Kharkov preparation for the EURO-2012 is not limited to the roads renewal. It also involves the renovation of the Metallist soccer stadium, reconstruction of the airport and improvement of the infrastructure.
The Budget for Euro 2012
There are different informations about the exact sum of money which will be spend. According to different official returns the sum varies from 400 million ($5M) to 10.6 billion hryvnias ( $1.2 Billion). It is planned to receive 822,5 million hryvnias from the state budget, 2,6 million from the local one and the money of investors will make up 7,2 million hryvnias.
Metallist stadium.
After the reconstruction, the Metallist stadium will be able to seat more than 40 000 soccer fans (Go metallists!), in addition to the especially equipped areas for journalists and commentators.
Holding DCH will invest 2.3 million hryvnias in buying anti-vandal seats for Kharkov Metallist’s Stadium. As it is announced Spanish Figueras International Seating will place 20 seats of VIP-1 category and 100 seats of VIP-2 category which will be located at the VIP zones of the western stand. The main provider of seats for the main group of fans is company Elcon GmbH (Germany). It will install 360 seats of VIP-3 category for the zone of the privileged visitors and 42.000 tip-up seats for other people.
Besides, there are other pleasant improvements such as super impressive Spidercam camera. It is the only such camera in whole Ukraine and post soviet countries. Placed at a height of the roof of the stadium, this unique camera is able to be at any point of the field, attentively watching the events and transferring the picture in HD format. — Cool Huh?? —
The Spidercam is “not a cheap thrill”, as we say in Ukraine. It costs 350.000 euro which is very expensive for Ukraine. This Spidercam is not the only gift for the Kharkov EURO-2012 feast. From now on, the Metallist has two new screens 86 m2 each, produced by Barco, which is considered as the best manufacturer in this field.
How is it going now?
posted on the 19th of August
•New Terminal of the Donetsk Airport is being built 24×7;
•New Terminal on Kharkov International Airport has been finished and will be opened on the 28th of August 2010 ( Opened now!!)
•Kharkov started repairing ring road